I used the injections for a short period of time

and had begun to see scar damage forming. Those dark lines along the side of the penis are the signs of scarring.

100mgpillsIts wonderful that the injections make you hard for two hours or so, but whats really happening is that you aren’t getting any blood flowing to keep the cells and muscles inside the penis healthy. That being said, like the sildenafil citrate pills commercials tell you to worry if an erection lasts more than 4 hours, well.. with older men its even less time.

My advice to you is to masturbate everyday prior to your surgery. Even if you don’t ejaculate, just force the blood into the penis. The blood will clear some of the scar tissue and the bodies natural ability to repair, will help some to rebuild what the injections have destroyed.

Best of luck with the implant. I had mine done Feb. 4th, so i’m still in the healing phase. Feel free to write me with any questions.


Previous posting a joke?

There is NO “total masturbation life” of a penis…. all the three top urologists i’ve been to in NYC said that erections are good for the penis, no matter how you attain them…either self stimulation or with a partner. All this bullsh*t about hurting the kidneys, etc. is just that, bullsh*t.

The healthy penis has about 2-3 hours worth of nocturnal erections every night (unless you have E.D.)…..these are necessary to maintain the health of the smooth muscles in the penis….the smooth muscles in the penis need oxygen rich blood to get to the penis…. that’s why day time erections are good…

Any talk about masterbation physically hurting the penis or the body is wrong. I know there are young guys who write into this yahoo website thinking they are breaking their penis b/c of masterbation too much… they should be assured that it’s okay to masterbate, it won’t physically harm them. Anyone else posting a comment on this blog saying something to the contrary is doing them a disservice.

ok, that’s my two cents.

I’m not a doctor, a urologist, etc

But someone who started masturbating when I couldn’t even shoot a load, but the wonderful feeling still occurred. I remember the first time I was given a blow job and I still wasn’t even shooting a load I thought that something was going to come out but nothing did! Of course the guy who was blowing me knew full well what he was doing–pedophile that he was. I continue to jack off since a kid my age in the fifties knew nothing about sex except that it felt good. I continued to jack off for years even though I was also having sex quite regularly.

To my knowledge there is no such thing as “masturbation life”. As long as you have some libido, perhaps use some assistance such as porn videos and are able to used some imagination in the way you pleasure yourself there is no reason you can’t continue “wanking” away for years.

You don’t relate whether you are gay or straight or whether you have a sexual partner. But as you are in your early 20′s you shouldn’t be experiencing impotence. You shouldn’t be reluctant to see a doctor, hopefully one that doesn’t come off as judgemental, e.g., the “old family physician” type who might look with disapproval at anything related to sex outside of marriage. There is help out there but you have to seek it.

Hi Jack, Thank you

My response initially is, that if Dr. C is experienced, and you trust him, he already knows part of what you presented first time, so goes in with sort of advance info. Only you can decide how you feel about him.
I’ll certainly be posting here in a couple weeks after mine is done, so be glad to let you know how I feel about my doc.

Long story will try to keep it breef

About 5 years ago the Uro that I was going to for low testerstrone and ED showed me and the wife a video on imlplants. He had started me on Viagara when it came out in 98 and all the ones that came our after.
After the video my wife and I talked. At the time I was still able to get an erection good enough for sex (just barley), so we agreed to wait.
Erections keept getting weaker and weaker and Dr. did a color doppler and said I had Venous Leakage. He sold me tri-mix out of the office by the shot at $40-$60 per shot CASH ONLY. Even though I had know this doctor from my sunday school days the thought of having to pay for meds with CASH out of the office did not set well with me.
Went to Dr.C whom is my Uro now. After an exam I asked for a prescription for trimix which he wrote and gave me the name of the only licensed compounding pharmacy in town. Little to no effect. I went back to Dr.C and he called the pharmacy and ordered the strongest thing they mixed. I was told I could use up to a full 100 unit syringe. I did. Little to no effect. We talked and sechduled an implant for 10/06. 10/06 just b/4 implant surgery I had chest pains and had to have stents put in my heart. Heart Dr. said wait a year b/4 implant.
Went back to Dr. C and asked what could I do for the next year. He gave me a prescription for a VED and had the rep come in and fit it for me. I used it some but hurt myself by using too much pressure and had to lay off a couple of months. After that I only used it sparingly.
10/07 Implant surgery scheduled. Went to the hospital and when I woke up I felt like someone had shoved a tree trunk with the bark still on it up my penis. I instantly knew something was wrong. My wife came in and then the Dr. and said that they had penetrated the Ureatha and had to stop because of the possibility of infection.
During my follow up with Dr. C. I decided to get a second opinion. I went to the Head of the Urology Department of the University of Tennessee Memphis. Dr. W is a young doctor and for some reason we did not hit it off. He wanted me to wait until after my back surgery and come back with my wife in 7/08.
I went back to Dr. C and talked to him. He said that the next time he has a special instrument that he can use and not have the problem again. BUT I have to wait 6 months after my back surgery.
Eight weeks ago today I had my back surgery. Nuerosurgeon is thrilled with the results and so am I. No more pain in my legs and lower back.
The other benefit from the back surgery is that now from time to time I have an spontanious erection. (Not good enough for sex.) I asked my back doctor and he said that the pressure on the nerves may have been part of my problem. Will take 6 months to know for sure. His opinion is that I will still need the implant.
Now! The cause of the failed surgery was from fibrosis in the copora’s from Peronies and injection therapy. Dr. said mostly injection thearpy, even though I only tried it for a short while. I found a VED routine for the fibrosis and use it almost every day. It has helped and I have even gained back some lost length from Peronies.
Quandry? Do I let Dr. C retry the implant of try to find someone else. Will have to make up my mind in the next couple of months. May even see another doctor.
There are a couple of good groups for help. yahoo implant group and Bob Bacon has a Blog. All with very good informtion.
If you want full details on how to use the VED for fibrosis sent me a